Cansu’s Deep Perceptions of New York

What if I were to say something about myself just from a small space in my mind, it would be holding happiness as a core value of life. My life takes shape with my dreams that explore everything exceptional. The multiplicity of my views and willingness to interpret experience can be attributed to being an architect and also being from Turkey, Istanbul. Now I’m taking a step into a spectacular city, New York, and actually I don’t know yet what will happen? By pursuing New York City’s hidden sides, I’ll try to tell a story that has not been written yet!

I have been interested in a deeper perception of New York since I came here. I wonder how a city is perceived, where to start to explore and how to confront with the real issues about a city. Actually the way of seeing things always doesn’t tell the invisible features that a city has developed and gotten over the years. At this point I want to make explicit the hidden side of the city by starting from the general to the specific point of view. Priego, Breuste and Rojas (2008) wrote about this issue, “Cities are not socially homogenous, but divided into socially and structurally differentiated sub-units” (p.1). Old cities have expanded unintentionally with an organic way that show they change their face in conjunction with the requirements of the city based on social and structural positions. Even though New York used to be a planned city from the beginning of its foundation, it has been changing socially and also structurally in an invisible way. ‘In an invisible way’ because people see buildings, when they are built, but they are not aware what the building and its relations say to them.

Reference: Priego, C., Breuste, C.H., Rojas, J. (2008, September 29). Perception and Value of Nature in Urban Landscapes: a Comparative Analysis of Cities in Germany, Chile, and Spain. Landscape Online. Retrieved from:


  1. This is indeed deep! I want to know what you discover about New York. There is so much to know and many layers as you say. You could start by exploring neighborhoods, the sub-units. There is even a Turkish neighborhood, in Sunnyside, Queens!

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